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Welcome to Sonic's World - A universe unique and beyond what you know from the SEGA games! Where, inspired by Sonic and other heroes of the franchise, you and your friends work to save the world from the forces of evil!

For those unfamiliar - tabletop (or role-playing) games are imagination focused games, like Dungeons and Dragons. This one is based on Sonic and is using Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA for short) system, that's meant to be very narrative focused, very free-form with occasional rules. You will not be walking on a grid and leveling up your character in a traditional sense. Instead you will be trying to recreate feelings and themes of your favorite cool moments from games, cartoons and comics.

All you need to play is a number of friends, an idea for your Original Character (or an official one if you'd like), 2 six-sided dice, this rulebook, a GM and one of the sheets per player. The links on this page lead to fill-able PDFs, but you can use your own. If you have any question, concerns or anything else - feel free to contact me and I'll gladly help.

I've been working on this game since October 2019, while using it to play with my friends and having a blast, and now I feel like it's in a state that I can go more public with it. The rulebook is not fully polished, but it's definitely playable. I have plans for the future, and will constantly be updating the game as much as possible. You can find the "road map" of sorts on the second page of the Google Doc. Speaking of, here is what you can find here:

Links and Info

Google Doc - this is the latest most updated version of the book that's available. Every time I do a new update or a tweak it will show up here first and then I will update the download file later. If you want the "beta" version, so to speak. 

Playbook Sheets:
Lead - Tinker - Guardian - Robot - Destined - Changed - Rogue - Clumsy 
These are the main "classes" of the game and sheets for each one, since most of them have a unique mechanic associated with them, as well as a handy link to the Playbook Move Summary .

Basic Move Summary - a useful tool for people familiar with this system, which gives you a short breakdown of all the basic moves and mechanics of the game on 3 pages.

Playbook Move Summary - a similarly helpful list of all the playbook moves available for each playbook, helpful for having a list of things in front of you for a faster level ups.

Discord Server - finding groups and GMs for any new game is hard, especially this niche, so if you would like to see how the game is played or maybe join or even run a group, feel free to drop by. I do my best to run weekly weekend games, which usually means one long-term campaign with a stable group and occasional one shots for holidays or scheduled conflicts with new people.


Support Us

So I was asked this, and while the book is completely free and made as a hobby, if you would like to show some appreciation, you can throw a couple of coins at my ko-fi, or, even better, support and take commissions from the artist of the book - Peachy Owl, she does amazing work, drew the cover of the book and is working on the art of each playbook's "representative". 

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CategoryPhysical game
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsPbtA, rulebook, sonic, tabletop
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